Hotel Burg Wernberg
Hotel Burg Wernberg
Bonne Bouche Carnival

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2017 Bonne Bouche Carnival

If fancy dress, street parties and all other types of "carnivalenigans" aren’t really your cup of tea, why not join 2-star chef Thomas Kellermann, choose from an eclectic selection of a la carte culinary delights and experience a whole evening full of absolutely delicious world-class cuisine. Enjoy Carnival season in a somewhat different way in the exclusive yet relaxed atmosphere at the »Kastell« gourmet restaurant. No fake nose required.

Great food? Yes please. Fake noses? No thanks.

The »Kastell« gourmet restaurant will be open on both Shrove Monday and Tuesday from 7 pm onwards. Thomas Kellermann will be ready to regale you with an eclectic selection of a la carte culinary delights, as well as a multi-course menu centred around Perigord truffles specially created for this occasion.

Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for any food aficionado and connoisseur: a fine-dining gift voucher foran evening of world-class fine-dining at Wernberg Castle’s »Kastell« gourmet restaurant - both memorable experience and outstanding culinary delight.

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Looking for the perfect escape from all things involving fake noses? Want to surprise someone with a Valentine’s Day extravaganza? Book one of our of our elegant and comfy rooms or suites. Besides, why not stay until Ash Wednesday? Just to be on the safe side of things, you know?

Hotel Burg Wernberg

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