Hotel Burg Wernberg
Hotel Burg Wernberg
Watch New World-Class Menus Premiering

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Kellermann's 2017 »Live Previews«: May 21, Sep 17, and Nov 5. Events Start 6 PM.

Being creative and innovative is what Thomas Kellermann likes most about his trade. The recently introduced »Live Preview« events at the castle pub reflect this, giving his fans the opportunity to watch how a brand-new world-class menu is being prepared, and to taste the latest culinary creations by a 2 star chef ahead of everyone else. And whilst you enjoy your meal, Thomas is happy to tell you everything from how he comes up with his ideas to how to achieve his trademark blend of ingredients. In short: a treasure trove for all food connoisseurs.

  • Watch New World-Class Menus Premiering.
    Always wanted to experience first-hand the moment a world-class menu is prepared for the first time by a master chef? Here's your opportunity - our exclusive »Live Preview« at the castle pub.
  • The Setting: A Cosy Pub with a Show Kitchen.
    "Our pub features a show kitchen making it the ideal venue for events like this. Means, all set for exciting culinary journeys in an intimate circle (max. 20 attendees) of like-minded food connoisseurs.
  • What's on the Menu? - Sorry, That's Classified.
    "The precise nature of Thomas Kellermann's latest creation that you and a selective few are about to enjoy before everyone else does is, of course, kept secret until the last moment.
  • Get all the Answers.
    "Just ask. Don't be shy. Thomas Kellermann is happy to answer all your questions. He also knows how to entertain an audience with anecdotes from a life of a world-class chef.
  • Vintage. Selected by Our Expert Sommelier.
    Each course will be accompanied by the appropriate choice of drinks, and, naturally, by a wine perfectly complementing each dish, selected by Frank Hildebrand, our in-house expert sommelier.
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    Our pub isn't large, so there's only limited spaces available at the event. Why not book your place right now? Call +49 (0) 9604 939 135.
What & When

»Live Previews« at the Castle Pub

Sun, May 21, 2017, 6 pm (fully booked already)
Sun, September 17, 2017, 6 pm (fully booked already)
Sun, November 5, 2017, 6 pm
€ 128 per person
Drinks not included

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The perfect gift for all food aficionados and connoisseurs: a gift voucher for one of our exclusive »Live Previews« at the Wernberg Castle pub - both memorable experience and outstanding culinary delight.
*Why not making the day even more special by including a stay, booking one of our elegant and comfortable rooms or suites at the castle?

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Would you like to attend one of our exclusive »Live Previews« at the Wernberg Castle pub? Use the online booking form below. Or call us right away, and get your name on the guest list. And if you'd like to stay over in one of our comfy rooms or elegant suites, no problem at all. Just make sure you book well in advance.

Hotel Burg Wernberg

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