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Gourmet Dining at the Kastell: Experience the Above and Beyond

The »Kastell« gourmet restaurant and its multi-award winning cuisine by Thomas Kellermann attracts food aficionados and wine connoisseurs from home and afar. Thomas Kellermann’s obsession with detail, his exquisite menus and excitingly delicious creations, as well as his masterful interpretations inspired by dishes from all across the globe draws the attention and commands the respect of everyone who love their food. Enjoy Thomas Kellermann’s exceptional culinary compositions, served in the historic ambience of the castle’s medieval cloisters, and trust expert sommelier Frank Hildebrand to choose perfectly complementary vintage from his eclectically stocked wine cellar.

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Wednesday to Saturday from 7 pm onwards. Sundays from noon onwards.

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Culinary Impressions
Exciting culinary creations for everyone who love their food
Surprisingly light and totally delicious: Thomas Kellermann’s food creations
Luscious and innovative desserts by the Kastell’s 2 Star Chef at Wernberg Castle
Delicious: the seafood creations of Grand Chef Thomas Kellermann
Fine dining par excellence: The Kastell restaurant at Wernberg Castle
Innovative and delicious: Thomas Kellermann’s multi-course menus
Ein Augenschmaus: Kreation aus der 2-Sterne-Küche von Thomas Kellermann
Dining at Wernberg Castle: Excitingly light and extraordinarily delicious
Current Menus

Culinary Sensations. By Thomas Kellermann

The pleasure of anticipation. Have a look at our current menus comprising all the latest exciting creations and tasty traditional interpretations by our 2 Michelin starred Chef de Cuisine Thomas Kellermann.

Awards & Reviews

Among food aficionados across the globe, awards and recognitions acknowledge outstanding creativity and quality. In our case, this means first-class service, a welcoming atmosphere, and our commitment to you to treat you to something special. Day in, day out. Click on the icons below to find out how leading gastronomy experts rate our service.





Thomas Kellermann subscribes to a no-border aromatic cuisine, drawing inspiration from flavours from all sources – local, regional, and international. His Bavarian char, served with spicy aubergine, orange curry cream sauce and snow pea salad is a gustatory delight. And the confit beef medallions, gently smoked and paired with crème roquette, Savoy cabbage and aromatic lemon sabayon, make for a marvellously aromatic journey. Friendly and competent service. Wine list comprises 500 bins.

Gault Millau Germany (Issue 2016)

Rating: 17 Points
Category: Top-Rated

Within the stylishly restored archways of the stately medieval castle, Thomas Kellermann’s cuisine demonstrates all the highlights of the culinary zeitgeist without being flashy, or the need to show off. Sure, served on elegant china, porcelain and slate, Kellermann’s creations are elaborately staged, however, with the sole purpose of underlining the perfect blend of different flavours.
A typical menu may well start with a lightly smoked yet almost rare slice of char, all outstanding quality and smooth consistency, decorated with a tiny patch of roasted fish skin, and combined with a char sashimi complemented by horse radish in the form of both cream and spheres that adds an ingenious touch of spiciness. The ingredients are blended using coconut froth of such an airy lightness that it seems to levitate off the plate. What follows is a shrimp salad de luxe: shortly cooked crab tail tops finely chopped crab meat that comes with a still warm salad dressing which provides a blanched lettuce heart with an excitingly herby flavour. Wonderfully tender langoustine tofu and spots of lemon gel provide both visual and aromatic accents. The traditional bouillabaisse is a deliciously light and very spicy bisque. In terms of flavour, raw turnip slices and a delicately cooked piece of mackerel that has been roasted on the skin side keep things rooted.
Next on the menu: slightly caramelised sweetbreads sided by fresh grapefruit slices, bitter-fruity jelly and a sweetish creamy tarragon butter seasoned with herbs. Add smoked potato puree with fried tarragon leaves and tiny dices of rendered bacon and you’ve got a well-executed blend of contrasting textures and flavours that definitely qualifies as a culinary epiphany.
Unfortunately, the confit veal cheeks are a bit of a let-down. While the veal turns out to be outstandingly juicy and tender, true melt-in-the-mouth quality, the rather plain carrot slices spiced with roasted peanut and the way too salty miso are not really blending in. Unfortunately, the confit veal cheeks are a bit of a let-down. While the veal turns proves to be outstandingly juicy and tender, true melt-in-the-mouth quality, the rather plain carrot slices spiced with roasted peanut and a way too salty miso are not really blending in. The pork belly dish is a celebration of the colour red: beet root chips, pickled vegetable, jelly, raw and boiled radish both in form of slices and dices. At the centre: juicy pork belly wrapped in a piece of deliciously crisp skin, and bound with a mouth-watering champagne vinaigrette.
The last course is called “cheesecake somewhat different", is served with roquette and pear, and comes in the form of a slice of creamy soft cheese, with dough crumbs roasted in butter replacing the traditional base. The roquette adds some spiciness, with ice and spots of cream providing an aromatic contrast to the pear dices. All in all, the dish works surprisingly well due to its lack of sweetness, and closes what constitutes visually very aesthetic menu that, however, still embraces traditional cuisine and, thus, avoids any sort of trendy flashiness.
In-house sommelier Frank Hildebrand who’s been responsible for providing the complementing wine selection since 2006, has never been one to be trendy just for the sake of trendiness, and chooses to stick with tradition – and that consistently, and at a very high level. Considering the quality of the wine list, this doesn’t really come as a surprise.

2017 Grosse Restaurant & Hotel Guide

4 Toques, Service: 4 Diamonds/Outstanding. Wine selection: 2 Grapes/Excellent

Creativity and utmost attention to detail are what makes Chef de Cuisine Thomas Kellermann stand out from the crowd. His ample and wonderfully aromatic dishes use nothing but fresh produce, perfectly complemented by an eclectic wine selection.

Gusto – Culinary Travel Guide (Issue 2015)

Rating: 10 out of 10 Gusto Pans

Wernberg Castle is a magical place. Not only because the small 12th century castle simply oozes that romantic ambience we all associate with massive natural stone walls, a zillion of caringly restored historical features and the luxury of top-notch hotel accommodation that blends in perfectly. It’s mostly because of the extraordinary culinary experience waiting for food aficionados at the Kastell restaurant, a venue deliberately kept in minimalist interior, with white-washed walls and the odd colour spots here and there. This is the realm of Thomas Kellermann whose innovative approach and unique style when it comes to gourmet cuisine has promoted him among the best chefs in the country years ago. In fact, as of 2015, we say he’s definitely among the top few.

What makes Kellermann stand out from the crowd isn’t the use of high-quality produce, beautifully arranged with an eye for detail, served en minute. That’s something other places do equally well. It also isn’t Kellermann’s knack for picking rather humble regional produce and “elevate” it to gourmet level (by the way, something he’s been doing for years – long before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon). So, what is it then? It’s the unique blend of exotic flavours, relaxed elegance, aromatic statements, and keeping things simple and to the point. Everything looks easy, no flashy arrangements, no technical overkill, but still manages to make its mark on anyone loving their food – despite (or maybe because of) vegetables frequently taking centre stage. Kellermann’s team, basically unchanged over the past years, would have really earned our Chef of the Year Award – and only missed out because we already awarded the title to Thomas Kellermann (in our 2009 Bavaria issue)...

Some of the concepts presented today are a blast from the past. Nevertheless, dishes such as the “Phoenix from the Flames” demonstrate that there’s been refinement, subtle changes, a new aromatic touch – all signs of Kellermann’s continuous endeavour to move on, improve, and try out new things. Same true for the Bavarian cheese spread, a light and sophisticated variation based on the flavour of traditional Bavarian Wuchtcreme centred around distinct fruity pepper nuances and just a hint of onion that has been on the menu for quite a while by now – and deservedly so. New: the langoustine, all translucent tenderness, whose characteristic sweetness was nicely complemented by maize (both puree and fond), however without dominating the flavour. It’s all edgy elegance and well-balanced acidity, with mildly aromatic porcini dices making for an excellent sidekick.

The crisp golden-roasted monkfish with saffron puffed rice, sided by a light and spicy risotto fond (with a hint of parmesan) and small green beans with a subtle lemon flavouring that sport accents of salt-pickled lemon (essential-tart) and pistachio (roasty-nutty) follows suit. Things get even more unorthodox when it comes to Kellermann’s “date salad”, a dish that presents the basically rather sticky-sweet fruit in an exciting variety of context (date bread, date ice, date julienne) using a wide range of Asian flavours (with lemon grass providing an essential touch, and coriander pesto supplying a slight acidic aroma). Fantastic!

It’s pretty clear that these perfectly executed audacious creations tend to steal the limelight. A bit unfair maybe, since we also rank the pigeon breast with plum, macadamia nut crème and sweet black olive that followed among the highlights of the year. The tender and highly-nuanced pigeon can definitely hold its own but displays to full advantage in its aromatic environment blending sweet-and-sour flavours with a buttery-nutty, almost liquorice-like spiciness, wonderfully complemented by a mellow yet fresh and elegant gravy. On par: the confit beef medallions, gently smoked and paired with semisweet crème roquette, Savoy cabbage and aromatic lemon sabayon. The meat (locally sourced) a dream of tenderness, and unlike last year, this time there’s no lobster which results in a much more focussed aroma. Great cuisine, multifaceted blend of flavours, well-chosen aromatic accents - it doesn’t get better than this!

Also means that some (although very few) dishes didn’t manage to live up to the throughout extraordinary standards. One of them was the (very!) staunch partridge breast, a tiny serving somewhat lost between the nutty-sweetish chervil roots and the crisp onion aroma. Likewise, the Petit Fours leave room for improvement. However, as already pointed out, this are tiny little flaws that don’t spoil the overall picture at all. In particular, since the patisserie at Wernberg Castle (as food aficionados know) always makes for a memorable grand finale, shunning mainstream taste, avoiding the trend of ostensible sweetness, exploring an exciting variety of aromatic blends instead.

Last but not least in the form of vacuum-boiled roasted spicy pineapple, flambéed at the table using regional Liebl whisky) which alread impressed us on its own with its subtle exoticism and rich fruitiness. Add the fresh and piquant contrast provided by bronze fennel and aniseed (and the crispy and very tasty topping) – brilliant!

Sommelier Frank Hildebrand dips into his wide range of resources, recommending in his usual unobtrusive manner (even in cases of strong individual preferences) selected wines, frequently resulting in connoisseurs discovering exquisite vintage off the beaten track.

Marcellino's Restaurant Report

Historic Stone Walls. Exquisite Cuisine.
“Newly refurbished” dining rooms, walls and furniture in a subtle grey/white allow the “green glassware” on the tables to really stand out. The 8-course Degustation menu (128) comprises variations of sturgeon, scallops, lobster, wolffish, quail, and tafelspitz. Chef de Cuisine Thomas Kellermann “knows his vegetables inside out”. “A whole company” of staff makes sure everything is “perfect”. About 20 wines selected from an “impressive” 620 bin list are served in “beautiful” crystal glasses. “Travelling food aficionados” praise the “refined aromatic compositions”.

Dining: 9 out of 10 points
Wine/beverages: 10 out of 10 points
Ambience: 9 out of 10 points
Service: 9 out of 10 points

Guide Michelin (Issue 2017)

CREATIVELY FRENCH • STYLISH The ambience? Minimalist-elegant interiors in the castle’s medieval cloisters. On your plate? World-class food full of character, prepared exclusively using quality produce and first-rate ingredients, spiced up with plenty of modern touches. Excellent wine selection.

Pea stew with shrimp, mango and curry. Bavarian venison with peach, rapini and Pistachio Dukkah. Cheesecake with roquette and pears.

2017 Schlemmer Atlas

Awards: four cooking spoons and an arrow pointing up

Local, international cuisine.
4 main dishes ranging from €39 to €58;
4 full course dinners ranging from € 118 to € 148.
Closed: Mon + Tue, bank holidays; Wed to Sat afternoons.
Booking required.
Spaces: 30.
Bar, patio, cooking classes.

By now, Thomas Kellermann has been doing his magic at Wernberg Castle for many years. Some say that, culinarily speaking, Thomas puts his pants on one leg at a time like anyone else. However, after paying a visit to the renowned gourmet restaurant, you might beg to disagree. Foodies have opportunity to watch the master. On one hand, Thomas Kellermann loves to surprise and impress his admirers, on the other hand he willingly reveals his secrets to anyone interested. He runs cooking classes, appears on television, and publishes his recipes. However (and that’s spelled in capitals), whether mere mortals like us are able to reproduce the dishes in a way that comes close to the aromatic rafinesse achieved by their creator is another matter entirely. Because that’s what sorts world-class chefs from amateur cooks: talent, and an innate knack of what to use to make a difference.
Recommended: grilled Wels catfish, served with a spicy sweet onion and lemon grass butter; calf’s sweetbreads roasted in a gravy made of grapefruit, sweet wine and tarragon, and served with smoked mashed potatoes; chocolate soufflé with Szechuan peppered whiskey ice cream, aromatised with cranberries, pistachios and ginger.

VARTA Hotel & Restaurant Guide

4 Diamonds:
If you are staying at the castle, dining at the minimalist-style gourmet restaurant at elegantly laid tables situated within the castle’s romantic lancet archways is the icing on the cake. Thomas Kellermann’s cuisine is a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. Friendly, attentive and very competent service. Eclectic wine list.

Trebing-Lecost Hotel Guide

By now, Thomas Kellermann’s cuisine has been awarded 2 of the thoughtafter Michelin stars for six years in a row. This not only makes the »Kastell« restaurant at Wernberg Castle one of Bavaria’s culinary Meccas but also constitutes the perfect framework for someone as talented as Thomas Kellermann by giving him unhampered freedom to realise his own vision of what contemporary world-class cuisine should be all about. A vision clearly shared by many, considering the fact that some people are prepared to cross oceans and borders to visit his restaurant and sample some of his multi-award winning dishes. Kellermann absolutely loves to experiment, and, in doing so, pays attention to each and every detail. What’s more, he isn’t afraid of criticism. On the contrary, he always encourages feedback, in particular from those coming to dine at his restaurant. In this context, Kellermann’s »Live Previews« held at the Wernberg Castle pub aren’t just a publicity gig for a handful of food aficionados. He uses these events to road-test his latest creations, to see how they go down with a small yet very knowledgeable crowd before they appear on the menu at the »Kastell«. Kellermann likes to push boundaries, surprising people with somewhat unusual aromatic compositions, sometimes using ingredients in one and the same course that you’d expect to come across if not in totally different menus then at least separated by one or two courses. Take fish and sauerkraut for instance. In aromatic terms clearly two flavours you would not describe as compatible – until you tasted them in one of Kellermann’s exciting creations, and are now wondering why they aren’t paired up much more often. Speaking of excitement, this mostly means enjoying every bite silently with utmost apprehension, but has also been witnessed to have taken the form of a PDA. Like in the case of the gentlewomen visiting from the US, who used her camera to document every dish, and whose admiration reached a new level with every course served until she couldn’t control herself any longer, giving Kellermann when he came out of the kitchen to meet the diners a cheer and a hug. People witnessing the outburst might have found the lady’s display rather amusing, but deep down, they were definitely able to relate, as any evening spent at the »Kastell« inevitably makes for an out-of-the-ordinary culinary experience. Many of Kellermann’s admirers (including yours truly) believe that his innovative cuisine puts him right into Germany’s culinary Premier League. Moreover, his constant drive to explore new angles, an uncompromising perfectionist approach, and the ongoing consistency of his outstanding performance should earn him his third star in a not too distant future. Despite his success, he remains a level-headed guy, a very down-to-earth person who genuinely appreciates any form of feedback. The »Kastell«, despite being housed in massive medieval archways, is all creamy colours and accent lighting, modern art exhibits help creating a modern, light and airy atmosphere – a very apt stage for Kellermann’s innovative cuisine. The abovementioned sturgeon with sauerkraut, pineapple, sesame and smoked eel gravy was preceded by a starter, avocado lobster tartare with olive oil jelly and fennel granitee, and by pea hotpot with lemongrass and passion fruit. The sturgeon was followed by confit veal served with simmered carrots, crunchy peanuts and a miso sauce. The whole dining experience culminated in a desert called raspberries with lemon verbena and Martini which might not sound overly exciting but, as it turned out, described yet another masterpiece when it comes to aromatic composition. The individual dishes were arranged so beautifully that yours truly, too, was tempted to take a couple of pics with my smartphone. It also came as no surprise that the choice of wine was complementing each course perfectly. Goes without saying that any Michelin-starred restaurant needs to match the culinary experience with equally outstanding service. This also includes the ability to figure out whether diners want to know more about the intricacies of the dish placed in front of them, or prefer to enjoy the meal with the least interference or distraction possible. Big kudos to the »Kastell« staff who has not only got the knack of the former but also master the challenges of how to arrange and present a gourmet menu appropriately to utmost perfection.

Robbe & Berking Restaurant Guide (Issue 2017)

Something truly extraordinary: a romantic castle, haute cuisine and luxury hotel accommodation make for the ultimate getaway experience. Wernberg Castle stands for genuinely historic premises, exclusive accommodation and gourmet dining prepared by Michelin 2-star chef Thomas Kellermann. Located right at the heart of Bavaria, and within easy distance from Munich, Regensburg, Nuremberg and Prague, the castle enthrals food aficionados from home and afar with delicious culinary creations served within caringly restored 13th century walls. Whether you are planning a romantic weekend break for two, or are looking for the perfect venue to stage a dream wedding, Wernberg Castle’s got it all. Uniquely special.


What our guests say about us


Behind the Scenes

Always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of a world-class gourmet restaurant?

Behind the Scenes

Working at a world-class gourmet restaurant is definitely not a walk in the park. You need advanced skills, lots of experience, drive and the ability to think on your feet. It’s all about teamwork, requiring total commitment from each team member. High-end gastronomy means the standards are sky-high. Means providing exciting and innovative cuisine and top-notch service day after day. - Join us for a peek behind the scenes at Wernberg Castle’s 2-Michelin star diner. Learn more about what goes on backstage during what 2 star chef Thomas Kellermann and his team at the Kastell consider “just a normal day in the office”.

Chef Thomas Kellermann and his team at the Kastell gourmet restaurant

Morning Briefing at the Kastell Kitchen

Generally, a day at the Kastell Kitchen starts with Thomas Kellermann briefing his crew on the list of tasks scheduled for the day. Further topics include guest numbers, confirmed high-profile guests, in-house and outside event catering, as well as any unusual challenges and non-routine procedures the team will need to tackle during the day.

Grand Chef Thomas Kellermann assessing the quality of freshly delivered vegetables
Fine china for a world-class dining experience

Rig Run-Through

Professional equipment and highly efficient working procedures are what make a word-class kitchen tick. Heavy cast-iron skillets, pots, plates, cutlery, kitchen tools – everything needs to be up to scratch and fit for purpose. This also applies to any fresh meat and produce delivered every day. Whether it’s venison, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, or spices, Thomas Kellermann personally makes sure that no substandard ingredients manage to sneak across the threshold of his kitchen.

Mise En Place. Preps and Props

The morning hours are all about mise en place. Means peeling, washing, chopping, slicing, stirring, simmering, kneading, mashing, dressing and whatever else needs to be done when it comes to vegetables, meat, fish, side dishes, sauce ingredients, desserts...



The Kastell team at work: veggie taste testing
The Kastell team at work: adding fresh aromatic flavouring
The Kastell team at work: finishing touches

Chef de Cuisine Thomas Kellermann in his 2-star kitchen at Wernberg Castle"
Two Michelin star chef Thomas Kellermann at work
Wernberg Castle’s expert sommelier Frank Hildebrand doing his job


Being a world-class restaurant means being at the top of your game every single day. No lapses. No exceptions. Whether it’s the quality or freshness of the ingredients, or the preparation – you can’t leave anything to chance. Ever. Means carrying out a “soundcheck” is part of the daily routine. Thomas Kellermann samples the taste and checks the presentation of every single one of his creations before they leave the kitchen, fine-tuning, adding flavour accents, if necessary, to make them nothing short of perfect. And expert sommelier Frank Hildebrand selects the appropriate wine to go with each dish.


Always on-call: Grand Chef Thomas Kellermann

It isn’t just about the cooking... Being one of the best grand chefs in the country comes with a lot of responsibilities – sampling and purchasing produce, supplier management, press conferences, photo shoots, planning the week ahead, organising special events, guest appearances, and much more.

Thomas Kellermann in his kitchen at the Kastell gourmet restaurant

The Heat Is On

1845 hours. The guests arrive. Backstage, it’s all hands on deck. Silence all around. You could hear a needle drop. Until Chef de Cuisine Thomas Kellermann starts calling out the incoming orders. “Copy that, Chef!” And Rock ’n’ Roll! Roasting, stirring, steaming. Seething pots. Fume. Mouth-watering smells. Everyone knows precisely what they have to do at any given time. And do it. Swiftly. Accurately. Fully focussed. Getting the fine-tuning right is crucial. Each dish has to be ready en minute, has to be served at precisely the right time. Because this is what makes for world-class gastronomy.



alt="A sneak peek of Kellermann’s 2 starred kitchen: Preparing the desserts
A sneak peek of Kellermann’s 2 starred kitchen: Roast from the Big Green Egg
A sneak peek of Kellermann’s 2 starred kitchen: Preparing the sauce

Finishing touches: preparing desserts at the Kastell gourmet restaurant

Showtime. Bring on the Culinary Stars

After a mouth-watering amuse gueule, it is time for the starters to delight food aficionados crowding the tables at the Kastell gourmet restaurant. Backstage, the focus is now on the “pass” – means the kitchen area where the food is arranged on the plates before being
passed over to the service staff. Needless to say that the presentation of each and every dish is being scrutinised by the Grand Chef himself who might add a masterful touch or two if necessary, to make sure every detail is perfect.

The Kastell kitchen team caringly arranging food on platters

Bring out the china! Thomas Kellermann’s creations on proper tableware
Tasty bites, prepared by the Kastell’s gourmet kitchen team

Encore. The Dessert

Ending on a sweet note. And Wernberg Castle’s pastry chef is a master of his trade. Luscious desserts, beautifully arranged on finest china, provide the delicious and exciting finale of an evening’s worth of unique dining experience.



Beautifully embellished: desserts at the »Kastell«, Wernberg Castle’s 2 star restaurant
Delicious desserts, prepared at the Kastell gourmet restaurant
Totally pro: staff serving dessert straight from the Wernberg Castle gourmet kitchen

The Kastell team doing their nightly cleaning job
Perfektion bis ins kleinste Detail für höchste Qualität und glänzende Ergebnisse

After Show Duties

2300 hours. The last course has been served. However, there’s one important task still left to do: the nightly cleaning job.

Thomas Kellermann talking to his sous-chefs at the castle pub
A nice cold beer after work. The team at the castle pub

Start Looking Ahead Immediately

Whilst the crew is busy sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and shining, Grand Chef Thomas Kellermann and his sous-chefs are already planning for the following day. Because in a world-class restaurant, the show never stops...

2-Star Chef Thomas Kellermann and his team at Wernberg Castle
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