Live Music Highlights Sunday, Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16, and Dec 23, 2018. 5 pm.

Ivan Fernandez (tenor) & Anastasia Govorova (piano) (Sun, Dec 2)
An evening devoted to classical music and seasonal pieces, featuring work by Schubert, Bach, Brahms, Händel and Debussy. Columbian-born Ivan Fernandez (tenor) has been starring in numerous opera productions. Multi-award winning pianist Anastasia Govorova is known for both her solo and ensemble performances.

Roland Nitzbon (piano) & Cornelia Fischer (flute, vocals) (Sun, Dec 9)
When it comes to Christmas classics, forgotten melodies from forgone times, songs from blockbuster movies or popular tunes that get regularly played on the radio, piano and flute are an excellent pairing to do each and every song justice. A sublime duo of two musicians who are masters of their instruments.

Ramona Fink Gospel Group (Sun, Dec 16)
Being the granddaughter of a preacher from Arkansas, Ramona has always love gospel music. She’s been performing with the »Ramona Fink Gospel Group« since the early 90s. As of today, the quartet has played more than 450 shows across Southern Germany and Austria. Winning Best Gospel Group at Germany’s 2007 Rock & Pop Awards came as no surprise considering Ramona’s unique voice and the fact that she puts her heart and soul into each of her performances.  

Roland Hegedus (piano) (Sun, Dec 23)
Roland Hegedus (27) lives in Nuremberg and is an highly accomplished pianist and composer, graduating summa cum laude from Timișoara University. He plays music from all genres and ages, including classical pieces for piano, movie scores, golden oldies, pop and contemporary floor fillers. Really something to look forward to.​​​​​​​


Live Music Highlights

Chapel or Timberframe Room, 5 pm.
Dec 2: Ivan Fernandez (tenor) & Anastasia Govorova (piano)
Dec 9: Roland Nitzbon (piano) & Cornelia Fischer (flute, vocals)
Dec16: Ramona Fink Gospel Group
Dec 23: Roland Hegedus (piano)

Ticket: € 15
Free admission for hotel guests.
Space is limited. Make sure you book well in advance.

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