Bavarian-Bohemian Cultural Extravaganza Sunday, April 28, 2019, 11 am

Cultural extravaganza? Seriously? Gotta be kidding! Nope. Fact is we are talking about the first of a series of events to be held here at the castle, showcasing cuisine, art and culture of the Bavarian-Bohemian region, featuring a vernissage, a classical concert and a surprise guest hailing from the Czech capital: Oldřich Sahajdák who was recently awarded his first Michelin star and who will be joining forces with Robert Morgan to treat you to a very special dining experience. Means look forward to six delicious courses, a feast for the senses, and memorable day for all those who, in both culinary and cultural terms, like to look beyond their horizon.


Bavaria Meets Bohemia
The first instalment of our »Bavarian-Bohemian Cultural Extravaganza« events sets the tone for a string of tasty artistic highlights focusing on the cuisine, art and culture of a culturally diverse region – Bohemia and Oberpfalz. 


Art: A Feast for Your Eyes
Our culinary extravaganza kicks off with a vernissage held in the Private Hall starting at 11am. Exhibiting are a local sculptress and a painter from across the border. Both artists will be in attendance.


A Feast for Your Ears: Classical Music Performed Live
Classical treat. At about noon we’ll be moving to the Great Hall where a string quintet from the Czech Republic will be providing an underscore that couldn’t be more apt for the occasion.   


Deliciousness to the Power of 2
Two top chefs. One menu. Six courses. Robert Morgan teams up with star chef Oldřich Sahajdák hailing from Prague, to treat you to a 6-course world-class dining experience.


On the Same Page: A Strong Partnership
The »Bavarian-Bohemian Culinary Extravaganza« is also supported by »Centrum Bavaria Bohemia« (CeBB), that has been coordinating cultural activities shared by both regions since 2006.



Oldřich Sahajdák – Star Chef (Prague)
Robert Morgan has asked fellow kitchen wizard Oldřich Sahajdák to join him to look after the event’s culinary highlights. Oldřich has been honing his craft across Europe and the United States before returning to his country in 2006, taking over the helm at »La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise«, a gourmet restaurant based in the Czech capital’s historic town centre. And his efforts paid off in 2018 when the restaurant was awarded one of the much coveted Michelin stars. Rooted in Czech cuisine and inspired by dishes popular in the former Austrian-Hungarian empire, Oldřich’s culinary creations are an exciting blend of tradition and contemporary interpretation. Like Robert at Wernberg Castle, Oldřich favours local produce. Means we can’t wait to sample the delicious delights our tandem of top chefs is going to serve up on the day.


Hanna Regina Uber – Sculptress (Amberg)
Oberpfalz-based sculptress Hanna Regina Uber has agreed to exhibit some of her work at the event. Archaic strength, abstraction and bold statements are the mainstay of her art, giving form a meaning, objectivating emotions. Born in 1964 in Stuttgart, Hanna Regina now lives and works in a listed parish house near Amberg. Over the past years, she has been increasingly involved in public art projects.


Ondřej Maleček – Painter (Prague)
Also exhibiting at the event is painter Ondřej Maleček. Born in the Czech capital in 1977, Ondřej graduated from Prague University of Applied Arts. He quotes narrative imagery, the classical Czech romantic movement and modern topographical techniques as his main influences. This makes neo-romanticism one of the key stylistic elements of his art. His paintings depict sombre rural scenery, deserted places and dramatic landscapes deliberately employing simplistic morphology. – Ondřej lives and works in Prague.


Sedlacek String Quartet
Prague-based Sedlacek Quartet specialise in chamber music, and have made a name for themselves performing on stages across the world. All members are masters of their respective instruments, means it comes as no surprise  that the ensemble won numerous accolades, including the 2016 Czech Chamber Music Society Award, and 1st Prize at the 2014 Karol Szymanowski International Competition. Recently, the group have added to their ranks, now  performing as a quintet. Their repertoire includes Mozart and Dvorak, as well as the works of some of the lesser-known Czech composers.


Event Details

»Bavarian-Bohemian Cultural Extravaganza«
Sunday, April 28, 2019, 11am
11am – vernissage (Private Hall)
Noon – 6-course menu, matching drinks and live music (Great Hall)

Price (per person, incl. 6-course menu, matching drinks, aperitif, art exhibition and concert):
€ 168

Please book well in advance as tables will be allocated

Reservations under: +49 (0)9604 939 135
or per E-Mail: