Bavarian »Zoigl Night« Incl. Meal, Zoigl Beer & Trad Folk Live Sunday, December 30, 2018, 7 pm

Bavaria does beer. Oberpfalz does Zoigl. Welcome to our traditional »Zoigl Night« featuring original Zoigl beer brewed on the local Schafferhof estate owned by the Fuetterer family, a delicious  Bavarian 3-course evening meal and live music provided by local cult folk duo Hubert Treml & Franz Schuier.

** You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to join in. However, as places are limited, make sure you book well in advance.**

Go Native
Brewing Zoigl is just one of the Oberpfalz’s many gifts to mankind and hence worth celebrating. Means the castle vaults turn pub, the kegs are put on ice, we serve a traditional snack and invite one of the folk music cult acts to go on stage.

Original Zoigl Beer
There is Zoigl. And there is Zoigl. None tastes alike. Each landlord has his own recipe. The Zoigl supplied on the night comes from the Schafferhof estate based in Neuhaus village with a Zoigl brewing history that stretches back all the way to the 15th century.

Hearty 3-Course Meal
Dinnertime is always something to look forward to, and even more so if his means a mouth-watering traditional Bavarian 3-course evening meal for the entire family.

Live Music
This is going to be a real treat: the funny, witty and philosophical band of Bavarian folk of Regensburg-based duo Hubert Treml & Franz Schuier has gained them cult status across the region.

Meet the Performers

Hubert Treml & Franz Schuier Duo
»An absolute gem.« (Süddeutsche Zeitung). When it comes to contemporary folk with the lines delivered in the local dialect of Northern Bavaria, the Regensburg-based duo has gained cult status. Musicians and poets Hubert Treml and Franz Schuier put their own spin on that cheerful yearning so deeply ingrained in the Bavarian soul, entertaining heir audience with their blend of funny, reflective and philosophical lyrics and music that makes you tap your foot.


Bavarian »Zoigl Beer« Evening
incl. 3-Course Snack, Zoigl Beer & Oberpfalz Folk Live
Sunday, December 30, 2018, 7 pm
Castle Vaults

Price (per person, incl. 3-course meal, beer, drinks, and live music):
€ 99

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