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2017 Wernberg Bacchanal

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A Celebration of Wine, Viticulture and Haute Cuisine at Wernberg Castle. Sunday, November 12, 2017, 5 pm

Gourmet dining without matching wine? You are kidding, right? Any connoisseur knows that wine is crucial when it comes to bringing out, complementing and underlining the aromas and flavours of world-class food. Means putting wine centre-stage at the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanal« is basically a no-brainer. What’s more, the event will happen across the entire premises including the »Kastell« gourmet restaurant, both the castle’s Great and Private Hall, the castle pub and other spots and corners in the castle grounds. Champagne maker Laurent Perrier are part of the fun, as are five of the world’s leading wine growers – each of which bringing their top-notch vintage along.  

Price (per person): € 190 (includes complementing food, wine and champagne courtesy of Laurent Perrier)

Wine Estates

Laurent-Perrier Champagne, Tours-sur-Marne, France

Founded in 1813, based in Tours-sur-Marne, France, and owned and managed by the Nonancourt family since 1939, the estate is one of the leading champagne producers on the planet. These days, the Laurent-Perrier vineyards right at the heart of the Marne region export their products to 147 countries. The estate’s ongoing success is down to Bernard de Nonancourt who developed and established the distinguished brand image the world knows today.

The flagship product of Laurent-Perrier is »Cuvée Rosé Brut«, highly acclaimed by connoisseurs due to its refined fruity bouquets that include raspberry, strawberry, dark cherry and red currant. »Cuvée Rosé Brut« is considered being the world’s most popular Champagne. Moreover, In 1998, Laurent-Perrier were granted the Royal Warrant of HRH The Prince of Wales.

Thomas Schreiner, General Manager of Laurent-Perrier Champagne Germany and organiser of the »Ischgl Sternecup der Köche« will resume his dual role as Laurent-Perrier representative and host of the evening at the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanal«.


Franz Keller Estate, Vogtsburg-Oberbergen, Kaiserstuhl, Baden, Germany

Being located at the Kaiserstuhl right between Black Forest and the Vosges mountains in one of Germany’s region with the mildest climatic conditions makes Franz Keller Schwarzer Adler estate the ideal growing place for its award-winning Bordeaux and Burgundy which have gained a following across the globe. The Kaiserstuhl region of Germany features an almost Mediterranean climate, recording the highest average temperatures over the year. Moreover, the soil is volcanic topped by loess, means perfect for viticulture. As rule, grapes are hand-picked at precisely the right degree of ripeness. All this, together with their trademark craftsmanship and paying attention down to the last detail, are the reason for Franz Keller Schwarzer Adler products standing out from the crowd when it comes to flavour, fruitiness, minerality, and their very own seductive, elegant aromatic frame.

As a side note: the estate has been trading for more than 100 years, bearing the name of Franz Keller (1927 – 2007), one of the pioneers of the oak-barrel-based natural fermentation process in Germany. Franz’s grandson Fritz who owns and runs the estate today will be at the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanal«, presenting a exquisite selection of his products.


Heymann-Löwenstein Estate, Winningen, Moselle, Germany

Heymann-Löwenstein wine estate is located in Winningen near Koblenz, Moselle, and has been run by Cornelia Heymann und Reinhard Löwenstein since 1980. The owners won Germany’s »Wine Grower of the Year« award in 2004. When it comes to viticulture, Cornelia and Reinhard don’t compromise or cut corners. Many hail the pair as a new generation of avant-garde wine growers who are making a name for themselves, in particular when it comes to their widely acclaimed Riesling known for its highly refined and exciting aromatic frame.

These days, the estate comprises 14 hectare of terraced vineyards located at steep slopes that make viticulture extremely difficult. Hence the owners practise an natural and ecologically friendly minimalist approach including extended fermentation, using the most basic production technologies only. The upside is that grapes are able to grow in top locations such as Röttgen and Uhlen. The result: exquisite terroir wine that forms the basis for Heymann-Löwenstein’s increasing reputation around the globe. Why not see for yourself, and meet Reinhard Löwenstein at the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanal«?


Richard Östreicher Estate, Sommerach, Franconia, Germany

»Eichelmann« wine guide lists Richard Östreicher estate among its top 110 wine growers. Based in Sommerach near Kitzingen, Lower Franconia, Germany, the estate comprises just 3 hectare situated at the »Sommeracher Katzenkopf«, an area ideal for producing world-class wine. And there are definitely some gems maturing in 250 year old cellars, including traditional white wine like Riesling, Silvaner and pinot blanc. However, it’s red wine, and pinot noir in particular, a pillar of Franconian wine growing tradition for many centuries, that Richard Östreicher specialises in.

Moreover, the Sommerach microclimate, coquina scrub soil and deliberately chosen biologically sustainable growing procedures all contribute to the estate’s »outstanding« wine (»Eichelmann 2015«). A verdict echoed by fellow guides »Gault-Millau« and »Feinschmecker« which also means that Richard Östreicher products are part of the wine selection in many Michelin-starred restaurants. Thomas Kellermann and sommelier Frank Hildebrand here at the Castle are no exception, and are eagerly looking forward to meeting Richard Östreicher at the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanal«.


Domaine de l’Horizon Estate, Isernhagen, Germany & Calce, France

Calce is a little village in SW France, close to the Spanish border, just about 12 miles away from the Gulf of Lyon. The village is the location of »Domaine de l’Horizon« wine estate, run by expert viticulturist Thomas Teilbert. Despite being as French Mediterranean as it gets, »Domaine de l’Horizon« is a project established in 2006 and co-managed by Doris and Joachim Christ who are based in Isernhagen, Germany.

Right at the heart of the Perpignan hills and on 14 hectares, the trio has been growing indigenous grape varieties such as Macabeau, Grenache Gris and Blanc and Muscat Petit Grain used for their range of white wines, and Carignan, Grenache Noir and Syrah that form the ingredients for their red wine selection. As the local soil consists of slate and limestone containing a high proportion of clay and stone and plenty of ironoxide, »Domaine de l’Horizon« products come with a strong mineralty and an exciting multi-layered aromatic frame. Means that asking Doris, Joachim and Thomas to come and show us some of their outstanding vintage at the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanals« was basically a no-brainer.


Molino Estate, Treiso, Piemont, Italy

Hendrik Thoma, expert sommelier and head of »Wein am Limit«, an up-market Hamburg wine merchant, will attend the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanals« to introduce one of the rising stars among global wine growers: Marco Molino hailing from the Piedmont region in the Northwest of Italy. Founded in 1991 by Virginio Molino the 14 acre estate is now run by his sons Tommaso, Franco and Dario and produces some highly acclaimed vintage. Marco and his brother Jens who both will be at the event represent the third generation of Molinos ready to take over the family business.

The estate is situated at the heart of the Treiso township, close to Barbaresco, one of the major viticultural centres of the Piedmont region. Grapes grow around the Ausario hill on chalky soil. The family categorically objects the use of herbicides and insecticides. The estate's main products comprise Barbaresco, Barberam Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, as well as Chardonnay and Arneis, a local grape variety. The name Molino stands for outstanding quality at very competitive prices.

According to Thoma, the Molino estate employs »the right balance between traditional and contemporary methods«. Molino’s Barbera uses an indigenous grape variety enticing connoisseurs by their »warm charm and sumptuous richness«. Fans of the Barbaresco love the »classic elegance« of the product. Why not talk to Master Sommelier Hendrik Thoma at the »2017 Wernberg Bacchanals«, find out more about the Molino family estate and the wine they grow, and use the opportunity to meet Marco Molino, futura stella del viticoltura Piemontese.



Exquisite Wine, Sparkly Bubbly & Culinary Extravaganza

2-star chef Thomas Kellermann has come up with something really special to help properly stage the selection of exquisite wine: he plans to compose dishes that both take their inspiration from and complements the wine  brought to the event by this year’s invitees. In short, four delicious dishes, prepared live at the four 4 individual wine testing and cooking stations. A must for food and wine aficionados.


For Connoisseurs. By Connoisseurs.

Hosting the event is Thomas Schreiner, General Manager of Laurent-Perrier Champagne Germany and chief organiser of the »Ischgl Sternecup der Köche« who will talk to the growers, providing his audience with plenty of oenological background information in the process. In short, a spectacular and highly interactive culinary event, hosted by an expert, and aimed at both seasoned wine experts and aspiring connoisseurs.

Bacchanal [\ˌba-kə-ˈnāl] Annual celebration of wine, viticulture and haute cuisine at Wernberg Castle, Bavaria, Germany.

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