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Hotel Burg Wernberg
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Professional awards and industry recognition are a hallmark of quality, representing our unwavering commitment when it comes to providing our guests with outstanding service, offering warm hospitality, and making them feel welcome, comfortable, at home. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. What is most important to us, however, is the feedback we receive from our guests. Not just because it shows us that we’re doing things right. But also because it makes us strive to improve our services even further.

Awards & Reviews

Something to Be Proud Of

It’s always great to see hard work, total commitment and providing a first rate service being acknowledged and appreciated. Means, we are very proud of all our professional awards and accolades, including our 2 Michelin stars and our VARTA Guide diamond rating. And we are very grateful to all of our guests who took the time to leave us feedback.

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The elegantly furnished rooms provide a feel of exclusivity and ambience - the perfect backdrop for a romantic break. A separate building houses 6 meeting rooms accommodating up to 160 people. Tasty breakfast served with freshly prepared waffles and a selection of regional produce.

Gault Millau

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Gault Millau Special Recommendation

Situated right at the heart of the Oberpfalz close to the Bavarian Forest nature reserve, Wernberg Castle is within easy distance from Nuremberg, Munich and Prague. If one thing is able of topping the hotel’s unique location in one of Germany’s most beautiful regions it’s the gastronomy. Food aficionados have been drawn to the castle’s gourmet restaurant for quite some time. The Kastell is headed by 2-Michelin star chef Thomas Kellermann who regales his guests with his exceptional creations, “matching even the seemingly most unlikely partners for a wedding feast of flavours ” (Gault Millau). Expert sommelier Frank Hildebrand shows his skills by recommending the perfect wine from the castle’s exquisitely stocked cellar to go with each menu. Besides the culinary highlights, the old fortress has long been converted into luxury accommodation, with elegantly and individually furbished rooms and suites, as well as Beauty & Spa facilities. Also on the premises: the GedankenGebäude, one of the country’s most advanced convention centres designed by Milan-based design guru Michele de Lucchi. And the Schwanhof Golf Course is basically just a stone’s throw away.

2017 Grosse Restaurant & Hotel Guide

If you are looking for something really special, this picturesque castle is an absolute gem. Modern and comfortably furnished rooms and suites housed on historic premises offer a whole host of ways to chill out and relax.

Marcellino's Restaurant Report

Medieval times revisited - "Doesn’t get any more authentic than this.":
Entrance via a „romantic drawbridge“ over the moat. Choose from 29 “extremely comfy” rooms featuring “a lot of stone and timber”, cuddle up in a “charming four-poster bed” between “fluffy sheets”. Enjoy service “fit for royalty” for “sophisticated” guests. Also on-site: a large meeting room that can be partitioned off, features “state-of-the-art” multimedia equipment, and accommodates up to 250 people. Afterwards, leave the daily grind behind, treat yourself to a massage at the “very nice” in-house Relaxation & Wellbeing facilities, an “oasis of true relaxation”.

Accommodation: 9 out of 10 points
Business: 9 out of 10 points
Service: 8 out of 10 points
Ambience: 10 out of 10 points

Guide Michelin Germany (Issue 2017)

Wernberg Castle
This genuine 13th century castle with its authentic drawbridge oozes history. Expert restoration and craftsmanship are matched by friendly staff and outstanding service! Plenty of space to relax: comfortably and individually furnished rooms, the succulent greens of the former moat now turned into a garden, and a historic footpath around the castle grounds.

2017 Schlummer Atlas

4 Stars
Wernberg Castle combines historic premises with luxury hotel accommodation and a renowned gourmet restaurant headed by star-chef Thomas Kellermann. Within easy distance from Munich, Nuremberg, and Regensburg, situated right in the middle of the beautiful Bavarian countryside, the painstakingly restored 13th century castle has made itself a name among food connoisseurs for its exquisite cuisine, accommodation fit for royalty, a plethora of opportunities to relax, and providing the perfect backdrop for hosting lavish parties. Alfresco wintergarden cafe, great hall, castle lounge and well-stocked wine cellars.

VARTA Hotel & Restaurant Guide

Recommended hotel with excellent service...

3 Diamonds:
The genuine 13th century castle houses stylish accommodation. Run by committed staff and management, the hotel provides elegantly furbished rooms and excellent service in a friendly and guest-centred environment. A separate building houses six state-of-the-art meeting rooms.

Robbe & Berking

Something truly extraordinary: a romantic castle, haut cuisine and luxury hotel accommodation make for the ultimate getaway experience. Wernberg Castle stands for genuinely historic premises, exclusive accommodation and gourmet dining prepared by Michelin 2-star chef Thomas Kellermann. Located right at the heart of Bavaria, and within easy distance from Munich, Regensburg, Nuremberg and Prague, the castle enthrals food aficionados from home and afar with delicious culinary creations served within caringly restored 13th century walls. Whether you are planning a romantic weekend break for two, or are looking for the perfect venue to stage a dream wedding, Wernberg Castle’s got it all. Uniquely special.

Hideaways Hotels

Wernberg Castle combines historic premises with luxury hotel accommodation and a renowned gourmet restaurant headed by Michelin 2-star chef Thomas Kellermann. Within easy distance from Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Prague, situated right in the middle of the beautiful Bavarian countryside, the painstakingly restored 13th century castle has made itself a name among food connoisseurs for its exquisite cuisine, accommodation fit for royalty, a plethora of opportunities to relax, and providing the perfect backdrop for hosting lavish parties. Whether it’s a romantic weekend break for two, or a dream wedding on whatever scale - Wernberg Castle is the perfect venue. “Discover something uniquely special.” This is also where Thomas Kellermann works his magic. Take the Phoenix from the Flames, for instance, a tasty fennel dish oven-baked in a salt dough crust. Served straight from the stove to the table, you are able to watch the salt dough cone being cracked open, and the fennel being removed and nicely arranged on your plate. This is true Kellermann style - taking what’s, after all, a rather plain vegetable, and putting it on the main stage. His congenial partner is in-house expert sommelier Frank Hildebrandt, master of an eclectic wine cellar stocking exquisite vintage. He and his friendly team make sure that every visit results in a memorable gustatory experience. And the historic lancet archways as well as the superb table settings add to the unique ambience provided by this culinary treasure trove.

Trebing-Lecost Hotel Guide

During the 90s, the Conrad family restored the 13th century castle to former glory, converting the premises into a luxury hotel, thereby saving the historic building from further decay and demolition. Definitely not an easy task as trying to adhere to strict building regulations applying to listed sites whilst meeting requirements of contemporary luxury hotel accommodation frequently means getting stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nevertheless, the new owners did an excellent job. Since December 2011, Wernberg castle’s hotel operations are headed by Sven von Jagemann, an experienced hotel pro who cut his teeth at a variety of the country’s top hotels, including deputy-managing the Kronberg Schlosshotel widely known for its outstanding and highly personalised service. During his 4 years at the castle, von Jagemann has definitely made his mark. Never one to rest on his (or anyone else’s) laurels, continuously striving to improve the already excellent service quality even further by tapping into the resources of both the premises and their surroundings, his honesty, professionalism and straightforward approach are well liked by everyone on his team. Besides, getting everyone onboard is essential when it comes to realising your visions. Von Jagemann’s efforts paid off – in the form of the hotel being awarded its fifth star in 2014.

The culinary mastermind behind Wernberg Castle’s gourmet cuisine is star chef Thomas Kellermann whose extraordinary skills in the kitchen of the Berlin Ritz-Carlton didn’t go unnoticed, earning him his first Michelin star. And since he took over at the »Kastell« he managed to raise his game even further. As the castle not only provides the framework someone of his stature needs but basically gives him card blanche to unleash his creativity at the stove, Kellermann being awarded his second star in 2011 came as no surprise whatsoever. Which also benefits the castle hotel since food aficionados from home and afar now flock the hotel to sample Kellermann’s award-winning cuisine.

When it comes to accommodation, Wernberg Castle lives up to its excellent reputation. No room is like another, all of them are elegantly and comfily furnished in country residence style which makes staying over something out of the ordinary. Even the bathrooms all have their very own character. Some are, in fact, day-lit.

Another Wernberg Castle key attraction is the »GedankenGebäude«, a state-of-the-art convention centre adjacent to the castle grounds. All glass facades and generous patios, enabling an unspoilt view of the surrounding countryside. In other words, an ideal venue for corporate events of any sort, including car launch parties (as the facilities provide vehicle access).

Since Wernberg Castle is a perfect blend of romantic scenery, elegant rooms and suites, and gourmet cuisine, and by taking into account that the local registry office and a delightful chapel happen to be situated right on the castle grounds, the fact that the hotel is booked up well in advance by wedding parties on pretty much every single weekend during the summer months shouldn’t surprise anyone at all.

Besides a genuine historic ambience and a location right at the heart of the Oberpfalz forest, Wernberg Castle provides everything you can expect from a »Relais & Châteaux« hotel. This includes small but exquisite Sauna facilities situated in the restored vaults, a golf course just around the corner, and first and foremost, world class dining.

Thomas Kellermann’s multi-award winning cuisine attracts food aficionados from home and afar. His impressive track record sports, among other top restaurants in the country, a stint at the Berlin Ritz-Carlton. Despite his responsibilities include pretty much organising and managing the castle’s entire gastronomy business, his main focus is (no surprise there) running the »Kastell« which, after all, is one of currently only 36 fine-dining venues in the country that are able to boast 2 Michelin stars. In short, booking a table at the »Kastell« means dining at one of Germany’s top gourmet restaurants. The dining area is located in the castle’s historic archways. The interiors have deliberately been kept low key, featuring unobtrusive colours, pieces of modern art and clever lighting, creating a comfy atmosphere that does not distract from the exquisite cuisine. As you can expect from a world-class restaurant, food presentation isn’t just meticulous: Kellermann’s consistent no-fuss minimalist arrangements add an aesthetical element to each course that makes him stand out from the crowd. Something that prompts quite a few food connoisseurs to remark that Kellermann’s current two stars don’t do his culinary excellence justice, and to suspect the reason that a 3rd star hasn’t been awarded yet being down to Guide Michelin internal politics.

At the time of our visit, the menu was firmly centred around local produce and ingredients, including courses such as traditional regional venison with a side of beetroot, cherries and chocolate cream, and Bavarian char served with cucumber ice cream and dock. Being one of the top gourmet diners in the country also means not shying away from seafood: there’s the excellent langoustine served with mashed maize & chanterelles, and an exquisite mackerel sided by baby vegetables, cauliflower cream and saffron fond.

This also shows that, and unlike other top chefs, Kellermann doesn’t need exotic spices to make a statement. He mainly sticks to common and quite familiar ingredients, however, prepares them in a way that nobody would ever consider them less exquisite than any of the flavours imported from other corners of the planet. The only question popping up during the evening was related to the Chocolate Cream & Confectionery with blackberries and Bulmers ginger froth: as it turned out, Bulmers refers to Bulmers Irish Cider that trades under the name Magners outside Ireland. Before any of his latest creations end up on the »Kastell« menu, Kellermann puts them through their paces during a culinary road-test at the castle pub called Live Previews, allowing about twenty invited people to watch him prepare the food followed by a chance to sample the final product. This adds an exciting new touch to the traditional approach of delivering a cookery classes which, by the way, are also available at the castle, draw a lot of interest and, thus, tend to be booked up months in advance. More proof that Thomas Kellermann won’t be running out of ideas any time soon.


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