Hotel Burg Wernberg
Hotel Burg Wernberg
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Wernberg Castle – the ideal starting point for exciting city tours and relaxing afternoons spent shopping, before stepping off the main street, giving your feet a rest and treating yourself with a refreshing afternoon tea. Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg and Prague are just a one or two hour drive away, offering a plethora of historic sites and a mind-blowing variety of stores, shops and cafes. Looking for something in particular? No problem at all - we are glad to help.

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Make the most of your stay at Wernberg Castle. What about renting some wheels and driving down to Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg or Prague? All four of them are charming metropoles - each of which with its own unique flair, and plenty to see and do.

Two of Munich's famous landmarks: New Town Hall and Frauenkirche Cathedral

Munich – A City That Loves You

The Bavarian Capital is an absolute must-see! Just under 120 miles away, situated on the Isar river banks, Munich is one of Germany’s most scintillating cities, with countless museums and galleries, unique historic sites, including the iconic Nymphenburg Castle, Marienplatz and Frauenkirche, a vast number of shops, and, naturally, the world-famous Hofbräuhaus and Oktoberfest.

Regenburg cathedral, the historic town centre and the 13th century stone bridge

Regensburg – UNESCO World Heritage

Awarded World Heritage status in 2006, Regensburg is a charming and well-preserved medieval city, featuring cobble stone lanes, timber frame houses, gateways, yards - the perfect place for a chillaxing afternoon in a remarkable setting. Architectural highlights include the 12th century stone bridge and Regensburg Cathedral, both also landmarks of the town.

Charming: Nuremberg and her historic timber-framed buildings

Nuremberg – Kaiserburg and Gingerbread

Nuremberg’s attractions aren’t restricted to its legendary Christmas Fair and globally renowned traditional gingerbread. The city comprises scores of cultural heritage sites, such as the Imperial Castle, the National Germanic Museum, the Albrecht Dürer Townhouse, and the National Germanic Museum, established in 1852, housing the country’s largest collection of art and items of historic-cultural value. Besides, the medieval town centre makes for a great shopping day!

A stunning view of Prague's famous landmark - Charles Bridge

Prague – Golden City of 100 Spires

More than a thousand years of history earmark Prague as one of the most glamorous historic cities in Europe. Just about 120 miles away from Wernberg Castle, the Czech capital on Vltava River is a cultural treasure trove: Prague Castle, the world's largest ancient castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the extensive historic town centre are among hundreds of other interesting sites, places and spots the Golden City has to offer.

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