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Sports & Outdoors: Tantalising Choices

Situated in one of Germany’s most scenic landscapes, surrounded by the stunning panorama of the green hills of the Oberpfalz, and close to the Bavarian Forest Nature Reserve, Wernberg Castle is Paradise Central for everyone who loves sports and likes to keep active. And for those who do not want to turn their outdoor pursuits into lung-bursting workouts, and prefer experiencing nature first-hand but at a more leisurely pace, just cross the drawbridge and you’ll find square miles of beautiful countryside to explore.

Out & About

Fishing. Jogging. Canoeing. Golfing. Horse-riding. Road trips. You name it. Weinberg Castle offers a plethora of sport and outdoor activities, including one of Germany’s top golf courses that happens to be right around the corner. And there are our rivers, lakes, and the sea of endless green called Bavarian Forest. Besides, when it comes to all year round sport and outdoor fun not even the sky’s the limit.


Whether you are into off-road or mountain biking, out on your racer to get some serious mileage in, or just enjoy pedalling along with your family – Wernberg Castle is in the heart of Cyclists Paradise. Mile after mile of quality cycle paths (including the scenic Seenland 100 Miles route), excellent roads and exciting forest/off-road courses offer something for every type of two-wheel enthusiast. Upon request, we provide bikes as well as refreshments to keep those legs spinning...

Canoeing & Kayaking

Fancy having a go at canoeing? Great fun! The Naab river happens to be close by, sporting a gentle current only, means your canoeing trip is set to be a really relaxing affair. And the scenery is breathtaking: 100 miles of river winding through beautiful countryside. It doesn’t get any better. Needless to say that we are more than happy to take care of everything – from renting a canoe, a short briefing about canoeing and the particulars of the local waters all the way to helping you pick the most impressive stretch, making sure you get picked up at the end of your journey. And what about a romantic picnic, to end the day in style? No problem. Just ask.

Speed Hiking & Trail Running

Is hiking a little bit too pedestrian for you? You like a challenge, looking for a proper work-out during your outdoor pursuits? Well, here are two increasingly popular activities that definitely get the adrenaline going: speed hiking and trail running, basically a speed junkie's alternative to traditional hiking and jogging, without missing out on all the visual treats of our beautiful countryside.

The idea behind speed-hiking is pretty straightforward. Pick any nature trail, check out the quoted time required to complete course, go out there and powerwalk the course, trying to beat the estimated time by 30 to 50 percent. If you looking for a real challenge, speed-hike the Goldsteg Distance Trail.

Trail running has become very popular among jogging and road running communities over the recent years. Instead of pounding the roads and pavements, trail runners opt for hilly nature trails, bridleways, forest paths - basically anything off-road - deliberately looking for "difficult" terrain, requiring extra strength and constant attention. Be warned - running the Goldsteig Distance Trail ain't summin' for Hyde Park joggers!

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During the summer months, Monte Kaolino Leisure Park is one of the top locations for passionate snowboarders and skiers, and all those who like to try their hand at something different when it comes to sports. 32,000,000 [!] tons of silica create an exciting landscape full of dunes, including a 250 yard/35 degree slope and a lift, perfect for practising your freestyle moves and downhill technique. And even if skiing isn’t really your cup of tea, Kaolino is definitely worth the trip: the scenery is great, and taking a refreshing dip in the pool followed by a picnic among the dunes (lunchbox provided upon request) makes for a great and memorable day out.

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Forest Climbing Park

For all those who like a bit of a challenge, the Hirschau Forest Climbing Park is more than happy to oblige. Five individual courses with varying difficulty levels offer all sorts of obstacles. All in all,great fun – and health-wise very beneficial, too.

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Why not exploring the castle grounds or the forests of the beautifulcountryside by Segway? We are happy to arrange for vehicles, equipment and tourguides. Moreover, we are glad to come up with a tailored programme that both fits your schedule and matches the present Segway riding skills of the participants. Ranging from basic riding exercises to an enjoyable treasure hunt across the castle grounds, and from a fun-packed off-road adventure to an exciting Segway cross-country trip along bridleways, forest paths, and gravel tracks – the possibilities are endless. All year round.

Climb the Castle

Not for the faint-hearted: a totally different way of rock climbing. Abseiling 30 feet down the keep, wearing a climbing harness. Needless to say that you’ll be under supervision of a pro climber at all times. In other words, high-octane excitement that will make for lasting memories.

Cross-Country Skiing

During the winter months, the countryside surrounding Wernberg Castle is a paradise for anyone into cross-country skiing, offering a plethora of courses leading through the breathtaking winter landscape of the Bavarian Forest nature reserve. Needless to say that we are more than happy to help you choose the most scenic routes, and also arrange for provisions so you don't run out of juice if you wish.

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Nordic Walking & Hiking

Nordic Walking
These days, Nordic Walking ranks among Europe’s most practised endurance exercises. Surrounded by green fields and extended forest areas, Wernberg Castle is the ideal base camp for Nordic Walkers from all across the planet. If you are new to the sport, why not hiring one of our local professional instructors who will not only help you fine-tune your technique but also show you the most scenic routes? Keen on taking it to the next level, getting the adrenaline going? No problem. It’s called Speed Hiking, providing you with a real workout without missing out on all the visual treats of our beautiful countryside.

Hiking & Trekking
Wernberg Castle is in the heart of a countryside brimming with scenic nature trails renowned beyond the Bavarian borders. One of them is the Goldsteig Distance Trail which leads through altogether five outstanding nature reserves and, thus, has quite rightly earned his place among the Top Trails of Germany. Alternatively, join one of our local guides for a one or two hour walk, exploring the marvellous castle surroundings. Goes without saying that this includes a visit of a traditional Bavarian gastro pub. We are happy to help you lay out our your tour and arrange for all the essentials, such as provisions, romantic picnics and even for a driver picking you up at your chosen destination.

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Goldsteig Distance Trail
The Goldsteig Distance Trail, the longest and most eclectic nature trails in the country, stretches from Marktredwitz to Passau, totalling 410 miles (660 km), leading through the Oberpfalz Forest, the Bavarian Forest, and five other beautiful nature reserves, also passing Wernberg Castle in the process. The unspoiled beauty of the landscape, plenty of different scenic routes, and the excellent condition and signposting of footpaths and bridleways make the Goldsteig one of the top trails in Germany. The trail won an award from the German Mountaineering and Hiking Association.
Means if you want to experience nature at its most impressive, or want to add another level of physical challenge to your sports or outdoor activities, this trail might just be what you are looking for. One thing you won’t get is lost: the Goldsteig smartphone app gives you access to interactive maps, guiding you safely to your chosen destination.

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Ballooning & Paragliding

Ballooning. The most archaic way of air travel, and even today, still a unique experience. As is paragliding. The skies above Wernberg Castle might as well have been designed for this. Take to the air and experience the beauty of Franconia’s countryside from a very different point of view. Weather permitting, you will enjoy a simply breath-taking view of the Alps. And why not marvel at the sight with some culinary delights to go with? We are happy to provide you with a basket load of delicious snacks.

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Horse Riding

Prefer to explore the countryside on horse back? No problem at all. Saddle up! There are plenty of riding trails cross-crossing the beautiful scenery of Wernberg Castle's surroundings. Whether it's early morning hacking, day trips, or visiting some of the most renowend stables in Bavaria - lots on offer for keen horsemen and horsewomen.

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Road Trips

You like to discover the countryside on your own? Preferably with some serious brake horsepower under the bonnet? Franconia’s country roads are driving fun par excellence. And, of course, there is the Autobahn... Only takes about two hours to get to Munich or even Prague. Not sure where to go and what to see? Check out our compilation of road maps listing plenty of destinations to choose from. And upon request, we provide a lunchbox stocked with delicious bites – for a genuine Grace Kelly/Cary Grant style picnic on the road side.

Whether it is about booking a guided day hike into the country, finding a personal coach, taking a private lesson or refresher course, or if you require further information about a particular outdoor activity, please don't hesitate to talk to us. We are more than happy to help.

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